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By Confusion on zaterdag 3 oktober 2009 18:11 - Comments (10)
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From the article about Daniel Dennett:
In October 2006, Dennett was hospitalized due to an aortic dissection. After a nine-hour surgery, he was given a new aorta. In an essay posted on the Edge website, Dennett gives his firsthand account of his health problems, his consequent feelings of gratitude towards the scientists and doctors whose hard work made his recovery possible, and his complete lack of a "deathbed conversion". By his account, upon having been told by friends and relatives that they had prayed for him, he resisted the urge to ask them, "Did you also sacrifice a goat?"
This made me laugh out loud, even though I am completely alone in my home at the moment. I hope someone will sacrifice a goat if I'm ever hospitalized.

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By Tim, zaterdag 3 oktober 2009 18:20

This is an example of why Wikipedia makes such a bad encyclopedia; the questions it raises aren't even answered. If things keep going like this on Wikipedia, you'll end up with pages with titles such as "List of fictional pigs".

I mean, did they or did they not sacrifice the goat? Inquiring minds want to know!

By Tweakers user YopY, zaterdag 3 oktober 2009 19:19

A list of fictional pigs is very important information, imo. And I'm glad it's on Wikipedia - I'd like to see you try and gather a list of fictional pigs and list them. In fact, I dare that you do just that, without actually going to wikipedia (or sites that got their info from Wikipedia), ;D.

By Tweakers user Blokker_1999, zaterdag 3 oktober 2009 20:26

WP is great for a lot of things. It can often point you in the right direction. Sometimes in the wrong one. But never use WP as your only source of information.

By Tweakers user Faust, zaterdag 3 oktober 2009 21:49

WIkipedia is great if you want to read about fictional bullshit, like what color a sword of luke skywalker is in a certain movie. If you always wanted to know facts like this, then wikipedia might be the best site ever!

By Tweakers user Rian, zaterdag 3 oktober 2009 23:00

@Faust: No, for fictional bullshit, you got You'd rather go to wikipedia for non-fictional bullshit ;)

By Karl, zaterdag 3 oktober 2009 23:30

And if you want to read real bullshit, you go to stupid blog comments. *yawn*

By Tweakers user Jejking, zondag 4 oktober 2009 11:32

Waarom antwoordt iedereen hier precies in het Engels? Tweakert verstaat prima Nederlands. By the way... zo grappig vind ik hem niet, geen gevalletje totale humor.

Enne... fictional pigs?

By Tweakers user himlims_, zondag 4 oktober 2009 12:38

@Jejking; This blog is written in English, so one respond in English. may be focusing on Dutch/Belgium public however the blog feature is targeted beyond border lines. At your blog-admin you can set the language to your blog. The publisher might like to target foreign colleagues or relatives?

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By Tim, zondag 4 oktober 2009 20:37


I was wondering what'd happen if I'd omit the sarcasm tags on my own comment. Now I know. ;-)

Don't worry, I'm not sarcasm impaired.

Moreover, I love the broad range of topics described on Wikipedia - this is a tremendously useful aspect of it, imo. "List of fictional pigs" is only one of two articles (or so) which left me wondering about whether or not Wikipedia had gone overboard. What happens more often is that I read about a useful page having been deleted, but even this disease seems to have passed by now.

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