When a tutorial makes you smile

By Confusion on woensdag 18 juni 2008 16:44 - Comments (3)
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Sun, in the Java EE 5 tutorial:
The Application Server supports iterative development. Whenever you make a change to a Java EE application, you must redeploy the application.

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By Tweakers user Jaap-Jan, woensdag 18 juni 2008 18:50

Isn't that the same as saying that C++ supports iterative development? Just recompile and try to see if it works.

C++ also has good debugging facilities:

std::cout << "if you see this, something went wrong!\n"; :+

By Tweakers user AtleX, woensdag 18 juni 2008 19:02

Also note that it is your responsibility to die() if necessary.

By Tweakers user mOrPhie, donderdag 19 juni 2008 11:18

Ah, the joy of application servers.

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