The Eclipse update annoyance

By Confusion on vrijdag 20 juni 2008 08:47 - Comments (2)
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Can anyone explain to me why the Eclipse 'update' feature has such braindead server selection characteristics? There are two possiblities:
  1. Every time you update, you have to select which server is closest to you, multiple times.
  2. You tick 'auto-select closest server' and it selects a slow US server, while I'm in Europe and there are plenty European servers available.
Can there possibly be a reason for this? I can't think of one, as every other update feature I know works without being so annoying. Hell, even websites like Sourceforge auto-select a decent mirror. Isn't there one Eclipse developer that considers this annoying enough to fix it? It can't be that hard to just store the last server the user selected.

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By Tweakers user Apache, vrijdag 20 juni 2008 09:13

Afaik this is fixed in the upcoming ganymede release, currently at RC5 I believe, scheduled for release at the end of this month. The update manager has improved greatly.

It has been less than perfect so far but it usually did the job, albeit it quite poorly at times, dependency checking was quite slow at times too when lots of new plugins were found. There are also a couple of other update implementations available in eclipse, I believe one is even commercial because it bothered so many developers.

I have tested ganymede but not the update mechanism specifically so give it a go and blog about it ;)

By Christopher Thomas, donderdag 26 februari 2009 11:41

I have to completely agree here, eclipse update is the most retarded piece of software written, it's slow, buggy, constantly failing and without exception the most braindead piece of update software ever.

the quickest way to get plugins for eclipse, use your linux distribution chain.

The slowest, use eclipse, WTF is this? 2009 and they can't write a decent software update? It's not like this is hard stuff, it's an update manager for gods sake!!!

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