The Italian 'democracy'

By Confusion on dinsdag 1 juli 2008 19:34 - Comments (13)
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Last June, the Italian senate passed a new law that postpones all legal proceedings concerning crimes that were committed before June 30th, 2002 and that are punishable by less than 10 years in prison. This law served only one purpose: to keep the Italian prime minister Berlusconi out of prison for another year. The fact that the law was proposed is ridiculous in itself. The fact that is was passed makes the Italian democracy the laughing stock of the EU.

However, things get even worse. The Italian parliament has now proposed a new law granting full immunity to certain ranks of government officials during their period of service. People criticize the US for the way their democracy operates, but this is far, far worse. Montesquieu anyone?

People wonder why the Irish voted against the European Union. With countries like Italy, Poland and Bulgaria, I think we should wonder who would vote for allowing these countries to have any say in our business.