Wikipedia can be funny

By Confusion on zaterdag 3 oktober 2009 18:11 - Comments (10)
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From the article about Daniel Dennett:
In October 2006, Dennett was hospitalized due to an aortic dissection. After a nine-hour surgery, he was given a new aorta. In an essay posted on the Edge website, Dennett gives his firsthand account of his health problems, his consequent feelings of gratitude towards the scientists and doctors whose hard work made his recovery possible, and his complete lack of a "deathbed conversion". By his account, upon having been told by friends and relatives that they had prayed for him, he resisted the urge to ask them, "Did you also sacrifice a goat?"
This made me laugh out loud, even though I am completely alone in my home at the moment. I hope someone will sacrifice a goat if I'm ever hospitalized.

Hysteria over a Eucharist

By Confusion on vrijdag 1 augustus 2008 19:24 - Comments (6)
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PZ Meyers on the case of someone facing expulsion and death threats over taking a Eucharist from a Christian Mass.

And for the conclusion: